Work package 3:Understanding the dynamics, predictability and mid-to-high latitudes teleconnections of extreme El Niño events (lead by F. Lott and E. Guilyardi)

In the future climate, there are good chances that the El-Ninos will more often reach the extreme phases encountered a few times in the early
past (e.g 1995-1996). As El-Nino has significant regional impacts at mid-latitudes it becomes essential to analyse possible precursors and the
midlatitude impacts of these extreme El-Nino. This will be the goal of WP3, where hierarchies of models will be used to address these issues. For
the precursors, coupled atmosphere ocean model experiments with initialized oceanic conditions will be made.

For addressing impact, these experiments will be combined with atmosphere only simulations where the El-Nino extremes will be imposed via surface
Temperature anomalies, and where different pathways between the equatorial regions and the midlatitudes will be analysed through sensitivity