Coupling between the tropics and high latitudes and its role in seasonal and multi annual forecast predictability

East Asian Monsoon

Impacts of dominant air-sea interaction modes on the variability of extreme climate events over East Asia


Understanding the dynamics, predictability and mid-to-high latitudes teleconnections of extreme El Nino

Mid-latitude Dynamics

Drivers behind anomalous mid-latitude flow linked to extreme weather in boreal summer and winter

Indian Monsoon

Monsoon-mid-latitude teleconnections and precipitation extremes over the Himalayas in a changing climate

Vertical Coupling

Dynamical and physical coupling of the tropical troposphere and stratosphere

GOTHAM represents an ambitious research programme to gain robust, relevant and transferable knowledge of past and present day patterns and trends of regional climate extremes and variability of vulnerable areas identified by the IPCC, including the tropics and high-latitudes. It will achieve this by identifying the influence of remote drivers, or teleconnections, on regional climate variability, and assessing their relative impact.[more]